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Personalised / Custom

Activate Your Inner High Priestess / Priest

Channeled Sacred Art & Light Language Activation 

An Intuitive Session through an Akashic Records Reading

Uplift Your Soul, Enrich Your Life


Awaken Your Inner Wisdom and Galactic Heritage with a Personalized High Priestess / Priest Image & Activation

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level and unlock the hidden powers within you? If you're seeking a deeper connection to your soul, your galactic heritage, and the wisdom of ancient civilizations, our personalized High Priestess images are the perfect tool for you.

These images are uniquely generated using advanced AI technology and feature a customized representation of your face integrated seamlessly into the image of a powerful High Priestess / Priest.


With optional light language activation, this is the ultimate tool for spiritual growth, self-discovery, and connecting with your true purpose.

I understand that your spiritual journey is unique and personal, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. That's why I have created a personalized experience that speaks directly to your heart and soul.

What is a Sacred Light Code?

Sacred refers to that which is holy, from Spirit / Source / God and of high frequency and vibration, that which comes from the LIGHT.

A Code has to do with encrypted information through words, written or spoken, image, sound, movement / gesture, and holds specific intent for its existence and a specific purpose.

So a Sacred Code is encrypted information from the LIGHT. In the same way that we use the expression “Light Language” which can be seen as encoded communication ( beyond known human languages) that comes from the Light. 

True Light Language transmissions hold high vibration with the purest of intents.It can be expressed through a drawing, written Light Language, spoken Light Language, or hand & body movement. 

What is an Activation?An activation is the process of awakening dormant energies in your Divine Matrix with a specific intent so that more aspects of your Higher Self can be expressed in you and your life in this 3 - D physical reality towards achieving your wholeness, moving towards Ascension and reuniting with your I AM Presence.

    • What is Light Language?

      In particular Light Language is multi dimensional form of either verbal or written form which transcends known human language. It can be expressed through spoken word, singing, hand or body movement or written symbols. 

      Light Language brings forth higher dimensional frequencies from Source / Higher Consciousness, that ‘speak’ directly to the DNA and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you in profound and practical levels.

      While your mind may not understand the ‘words,’ your subtle bodies understand the support and healing that the Language of Light offers.

      Light language bypasses the human mind, personal judgement and beliefs and can have direct access to the subconscious, can be deeply experienced by the emotional body as well as the physical body in a way that it is beneficial and uplifting to a person’s personal & spiritual evolution. 

      Light language can have direct connection with and impact on the Light Body, the Energy Field / Divine Matrix and holds the potential to release energetic blockages, bring emotional, physical, mental healing, activate DNA and the pineal gland, access your innate wisdom and initiate Ascension. 

    Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you order your personalized High Priestess image:

    Awaken your inner wisdom: The High Priestess is the ultimate symbol of inner wisdom and intuition. With your personalized image, you'll be able to tap into your own inner wisdom and unlock the hidden powers within you.

    Connect with your galactic heritage: If you feel a deep connection to your galactic heritage and the wisdom of ancient civilizations, our High Priestess images are the perfect tool for you. By activating the High Priestess within, you'll be able to connect with the energy and wisdom of these ancient cultures, enabling you to unlock your true potential and manifest your desires.

    Embody your true self: The High Priestess is a symbol of authenticity and inner wisdom. By activating the High Priestess within, you'll be able to embrace your true self and connect with your inner wisdom, enabling you to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

    Unlock your hidden talents and expertise: The High Priestess is associated with hidden talents and expertise. By activating this archetype within, you'll be able to access your own hidden talents and expertise, including spiritual gifts that you may not have even known you possessed.

    Enhance your spiritual practice: Whether you're a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just starting out, our images are the perfect addition to your practice. With optional light language activation, you'll be able to elevate your meditation and visualization practices to new heights, enabling you to connect with your inner guidance and access higher levels of consciousness.


    ➧Find your unique individuality, the blueprint your carry and the potential that you hold;

    ➧Have tools that can assist you towards becoming all that you can become;

    ➧Increase your light, your wellbeing, your happiness and your abundance;

    ➧Find a way to increase love, wisdom and personal power in your life;

    ➧Find what special qualities you can and the Sacred Tribe you belong to;

    ➧Be empowered and gain greater belief in yourself and what you can achieve;

    ➧Become the co-creator you were meant to be;

    ➧Remove all negativity and reach the stage of ascension when in human body;

    ➧Be able to experience and share more love, greater fulfilment and completion;

    ➧Gain insights as to who you are, where you have come from, what you have brought forth as spirit.

     Order to receive this information which The Beings of Light have given us the opportunity to access now.

    Konstadina connects with the Universal Library, the individualized Akashic Records and a person’s Higher Self to gain access and receive this information for you, with your permission.

    I know that your spiritual journey is a deeply personal and meaningful one, and I'm honored to be a part of it.  I am committed to providing you with a personalized and authentic experience that will support you on your path to self-discovery and empowerment.


    Order your personalized High Priestess / Priest image today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life. I can't wait to see the amazing things you'll achieve when you awaken the powers of the High Priestess / Priest within!

    "You were spot on about me gazing at the sky’s day or night since a was a child. Symbols yes! I have also seen the matrix u r correct and beyond. I’m aware I see passed the 3d or 4d we are in now. I was unaware of getting codes from the planets/stars and sky. Makes total sense! I will watch closer for them. Ty, very helpful for what I’m doing! Please let me know about what u recommend for a full Akashic reading? I do have a reason, not just for curiosity. Need info for moving forward in my path this lifetime . Many blessings to u! Ty again for your gifts!" 

    Dorie Pearson, USA

    "Hi Dina , thank you so much for the lovely reading. I shall treasure it. It's a lovely confirmation and clarification and I love the code activation . It's beautiful.Much LOVE to you" 

    Kimberley Edwards, USA

    "I was at a turning point in my life and felt like I needed a little guidance so I turned to Konstadina for an akashic records reading. I wanted to see where I stand and what my options are. Dina helped me figure out what in my past was affecting me now and how to move forward. She told me which direction I may consider that will benefit me and offered her guidance and services to help me move towards my life goal. I am so grateful and happy I decided to reach out to Dina for a reading which gave me such clarity and direction. Thank you so much Dina! I am forever grateful." 

    Linsday Yamamoto, Hawaii, USA

    "Thank you so much, Dina, it was amazing! When I awakened last year, I started channeling all this “tribal” kind of dance, and I had no idea what it was. I’ve been guided lately to start practicing it again, so your reading was a 100% perfect perfect confirmation for me! My whole life, I always felt like it was my “job” to uplift others, but I had no idea I could do it in this way! What an awesome blessing. And really a very fun revelation for me! Thank you so much for your insight and gift. Much love!!" 

    Maggie Estes, USA

    "Where to start Dina! I had so many "WOW" moments with clarity beyond anything I could have imagined.  The resonance in your reading confirmed so much and opened up a whole new way of being; a reawakening to my divine service to the world! " 

    Kellie Morris - Mackay, Australia

    "I have just received my "what kind of code keeper am I" reading from the amazing Dina. This has given me such an incredible insight to my work and how I can move forward. I highly recommended this service, with so much gratitude. " 

    Rosa-Maria Marquez, UK

    "Dina’s Reading for what type of Code keeper I am was incredible, it seemed to click something within me where I was able to embrace and embody who I was and the part I play with bringing in Codes. It shifted something within me that I am grateful for, she found the words I had been struggling with to describe what I do. Thank you so much Dina " 

    Lee Didco, USA

    About Konstadina Sadoriniou

    Konstadina is a renown Intuitive Positive Change Coach, Personal & Spiritual Growth Trainer, Matrix & Akashic Records Consultant, Intuitive Healer, Complementary Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author and Ordained Minister (non-denominational).

    Konstadina as the founder of the Positive Change Academy, based in London, United Kingdom, was born in Rhodes, Greece, studied Business Administration with a Marketing and Management Specialization at Piraeus University, and now lives in England, but has been working internationally for over 30 years as a Trainer and Intuitive coach & therapist.

    After a career in the corporate world she studied a great number of self development & spiritual growth course and various alternative therapies in Energy Healing, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

    She has published books, articles, videos and CDs in English and Greek.Konstadina works with the intention and mission to use her knowledge and her long experience so that others experience improvement in their circumstances, personal empowerment, inner balance and happiness, improving their physical and mental health and greater well-being.

    It does this by teaching practical and easy-to-use techniques with humor and originality.She has been working with the Akashic Records as a Practitioner & Teacher since 2005.

    Hello my dear friend! First – Thank you so much for this opportunity to receive the sacred reading of my Broader Self. It is completely on target. It is wonderful to have you share your talents with others. I’m sure with more meditation and work – I could access this information myself – however – at present I am unable, and having you assist me confirms that I am on track! As I spoke earlier with you – it was somehow important to know my Universal name. Now I can see it… and feel it… and now know it. The significance of the energies describes me to a ‘tee’. How wonderful it felt to read it! And then…. I moved to the drawings…. I am assuming the first one is of my higher self. (“The colors of the higher self”) The second drawing is the sound or vibration of my sacred symbol. Both brought tears to my eyes… I have no words to describe the overwhelming emotions in holding them and looking at them. I do know that I kept repeating the word “YES”!!! I will be meditating with my pictures….I can already close my eyes and see them clearly – just minutes after having received them! Thank you for the enlightenment. (and thank you to MY guides for bringing me to you!) Hugs and love to you!

    Jo Schwartz, KS, USA

    Here's Everything That You Get

    3 choices

    Questions You might Have

  • How do I know if the image created is right for me?  

  • I will receive different options or versions of the image and I will choose the one guided by your higher self. If for any reason you are not happy with it then I'll do my best to offer an alternative.  All purchases are final.

  • How do you retrieve the information to create the artwork and related material?

  • With your permission I connect with your Akashic Records and Higher Self as well as my team of Beings of Lights, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Ascended Galactic Beings and I channeled through what they guide me to through imagery, sound or feeling.  For this specific service I use the assistance of digital software to create the image with your own face.

  • How can I use this material for my spiritual and personal growth.

  • You can meditate with the use of them, regularly focus upon them with intent to activate their properties. I will provide further information on how to activate Sacred Light Codes.

  • Am I free to use this artwork as I like?  

  • You can use the artwork and related material for your personal and spiritual growth. Some of the material like the Universal Codes and other artwork provided may NOT be shared publicly through any means. You can not resell any of my work that has been provided to you even the personalised items (except if it has been prior agreed with me).  I maintain they copyrights of all my artwork.

  • Will you be sharing my personalised material with others, publically through your website or social media.

  • I hold the copyrights of ALL of the work created by me. As such I can share this work with my watermark at my website, social media and other channels. This will mainly be done for promotional purposes and for the benefit of others through the energies of the work created. I WILL NEVER reveal any of your personal details and I will not be reselling the individual artwork to others.  HOWEVER, because this specific service will have your real face, I will only publicize it if you give me permission to do so.

  • Is this going to work for me for what is intending to be achieved?

  • I offer this work as I am guided by Spirit, for your highest and greatest good. I can not guarantee any results. Like most things is how much time and energy you apply to the work is what is going to bring you results. Every empowering "tool" I offer for your personal and spiritual growth is to assist you progress. There are times that just a single "tool" might not be enough as the energies we create and how these manifest are complicated aspects of multifacets. But usually the more you work with Light Codes and the information Spirit provides the more you will achieve your intents and goals.