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    Are you ready to transform your life?

    By tapping into the wisdom of your Higher Self, Divine Guidance and the Universal Library you can:

    understand the present, 

    rewrite your history and

    create your desired future.

    Imagine, what life would be like 

  • if you can claim back your power by mastering the power of your third eye;

  • becoming self reliant in receiving answers to your burning questions about the past, the present or the future;

  • being able to help others gain insight to their situations, clarity of direction and healing of their past and present;

  • Ask yourself the following questions

    • Do you know what you hold in your matrix is enormously affecting your life?

    • Do you know that your happiness, your success, the quality of your relationships and your health at this point of time are determined by what you hold in your energy field?

    • Are you wondering what you hold in your matrix that your conscious mind can not access?

    • Do you know that you can change what’s in your matrix?

    • Do you know that you can change your matrix, but you are unsure as to what’s in it that needs to be changed?

    How is your clarity?

    • Do you feel a lack of clarity or confusion as to why things are as they are and as to what to do about them?

    • Are you tired of being dependent on others to give you these answers and solutions to your problem?

    • Or are you overwhelmed with the lack of understanding as to what exactly is affecting your clients life, behaviour and well-being?

    • Would you find it beneficial for your life’s journey and the life of those you interact – be it family, friends or clients – to increase your ability and trust in your inner wisdom and inner guidance?

    • Would you enjoy self- reliance, self-empowerment and self healing?


    "I have had several Akashic Records Reading Sessions with Dina Sadoriniou and I loved them so much that I enrolled in the Access the Matrix /Akashic Records Practitioner Level Course that Dina offers online. Taking this course was one of the best decisions that I've ever made and I am so grateful that Dina offers this online. I am now a certified practitioner thanks to her! I absolutely love Dina! Her Akashic Records Reading Sessions are completely spot on. She is a clear channel for the information that she brings through from the Akashic Records. I have found that the information that I received during my sessions with her is very helpful and I was able to relate to everything she said. These sessions have helped me transform my life, so that I can be the best possible version of who I am. Revisiting the readings at a later date has brought me even more insight, a higher perspective and has unfolded even more layers of understanding. Absolutely amazing!"

    Marla Kaya, USA

    How can you possibly achieve this?

    This can be achieved by learning how to access the matrix through the akashic records. I want to teach you everything I know about how you can retrieve and interpret the information received from the Cosmic Library, including my very own process which I have been using for years for my one-2-one sessions so you can too become a successful Akashic Records Practitioner.


  • What people say

    "I attended Dina’s Akashic records workshop and I loved every minute of it. Dinas knowledge of the akashic records and everything related to it is more than enough to teach you everything you need to know and more. She has the knowledge and wisdom to teach a workshop on a big topic like this and I felt that I was in very safe and capable hands. I definitely recommend this workshop for anyone interested in this topic."

    Anders Trojahn


    "I have recently completed Konstadina’s Akashic Record online training. I found it very informative and with her gentle guidance, I have started doing readings for others as well as getting more insights into my own records. I have found it an invaluable tool for trusting my ability to receive messages, to enhance my intuition and open the doors to new opportunities to serve and fulfil my life’s mission. Feeling much gratitude for your work Kostandina. Thank you! Evanthia"

    Evanthia Baldwin

    United Kingdom

    "The 4 day seminar by Konstadina Sadoriniou was a warm and sweet personal experience, regarding my journey to recognize my inner self. I highly recommend it to those who want to feel beautiful, relaxed and get to know themselves (their inner and the higher self)."

    Efi Vamvouri


    "The presentation of the seminar by Mrs. Sadoriniou, the topics of the seminar and the guidance for deep relaxation fueled my curiosity to attend this seminar, from which I gained the following experiences: At the first and second levels of the seminar I enjoyed the guidance during meditation, I felt total relaxation of my body and mind and so I was able to visit the Divine Matrix and, with the help of the guardians of the akashic records and the Ascended Masters, I received information I could not have received in my full consciousness. I learned that without guidance I can visit the akashic records anytime I want and ask for information on how to overcome something that concerns me. I also learned how to access the akashic records of others interested with their permission to receive guidance on how solve / resolve their problems. I found the procedure of accessing the akashic records very interesting and I can say that I benefited a lot from this seminar and I am very pleased with my decision to attend it. I would therefore strongly recommend this training to anyone interested in spiritual things, if Mrs. Sadoriniou presents it again. Thank you very much Konstadina. May god bless you to help as much as possible anyone who needs help with personal issues and a better understanding of themselves and to pray in the way that you know for peace, freedom, love, justice, prosperity throughout our planet, but also in all the universes."

    Lefteris Kousournas, Greece

    "I would like to share a recommendation for Konstadina's healing work. I had the Akashic Record reading and attunement. Konstadina was a blessing to work with. Her compassion, caring and empathic manner created a healing experience. I highly commend her for offering this wonderful work and blessing many lives. Namaste!"

    Suzanne Rose Lubkowski,


    "Something I've been waiting for a long time, and I did not know how and when, but it finally came. The seminar by Mrs Sadoriniou is a delightful journey of spiritual development that can really benefit you. It's worth every minute. I highly recommend it!"

    Nektarios Nikolis


    "At a time when I thought that I had lost my direction and was asking myself "Now what?" , this seminar gave me the joy and the inspiration to continue to do what I love. I deepened my knowledge about the Akashic Records and learned about the Matrix Regeneration Technique. I also found new friends and a teacher who took a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the love, happiness and light! It is a blessing! With love, Flower."

    Tsanka Hristova


    Who is this training for?

    This training is for anyone interested in gaining deeper understanding about themselves and their life; finding answers and guidance to important issues; and heal many aspects of their mind, body, heart and soul.

    Who else could benefit?

    It is also a great additional tools for therapists, healers, coaches, consultants, tutors who want to gain and provide greater clarity to their clients and greater possibilities towards their healing – although completion of level 2 is required for this.

    "It is a journey of great interest to the world of Love, Wisdom and Gratitude, with Dina as our guide, who with great clarity, "simplicity" and analysis, made us feel that we can, that we have the capacity to evolve spiritually. She made us remember that we had already knew but had firmly shut down .... even hermetically I would say. Unknown words and meanings but still known experiences that were given to us in an appropriate manner, were the result of education, remembrance, recovering primal impressions, erasing fears, and re-writing without the fear of what was previously thought to be an “elusive fantasy”. Dearest Dina, thank you very much for initiating the opening towards my personal change, for the encouragement in making me believe that "I CAN". Thank you for the the soul touching moments we experienced and we shared. I am grateful to you and the teachers. Thank you very much"

    Rena Koukoulaki, Greece


    Meet your trainer

    Konstadina (Dina) is a internationally renown Intuitive Positive Change Coach, Personal & Spiritual Growth Trainer, Matrix & Akashic Records Consultant & Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Complementary Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author and Ordained Minister (non-denominational).

    Konstadina is the founder of the Positive Change Academy, based in London, United Kingdom, was born in Rhodes, Greece, studied Business Administration with a Marketing and Management Specialisation at Piraeus University, and now lives in England, but has been working internationally for over 30 years.

    After a career in the corporate world she studied a great number of self development & spiritual growth courses and various alternative therapies including Intuitive Counselling, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. 

    She has published books, articles, videos and CDs in English and Greek. Konstadina works with the intention and mission to use her knowledge and her long experience so that others experience improvement in their circumstances, personal empowerment, inner balance and happiness, improving their physical and mental health and greater well-being. It does this by teaching practical and easy-to-use techniques with humour and originality. 

    She has been working with the Akashic Records as a Practitioner & Teacher since 2005.

    "This seminar benefited me in many ways. It was a beautiful experience and I learned things that I knew nothing of or had even thought about. It helped me think differently and gave me a lot of power and energy. I would like others to feel the way this seminar made me feel. I recommend it."

    Danai Vasileva


    "This seminar was an awakening for me, it was the opening of the path of abundance. It helped me think in a positive and beautiful way about myself."

    Matina Amerikanou


    "The realization of the invisible thread of mental intelligence with the Existence of All. Yes, you can definitely do it with a spiritual mentor. It is highly recommended!"

    Maria Lymberopoulou


  • What this training includes



  • The different names and perceptions of the Matrix.

  • Learn how to prepare yourself to become a better channel of information.

  • Energetic Preparation & Grounding Meditation.

  • What is the goal of reading the Akashic Records?

  • Attunement to the Akashic Records.

  • Deeper understanding of the mechanics of the Matrix and the importance of being able to access them.

  • Receive tools to help you unblock your psychic abilities.

  • What are the Akashic Records?

  • What are the benefits of accessing the Records?

  • Questions & Answers.

  • The step-by-step process of accessing Matrix.

  • Different ways of communicating with the matrix.

  • Where are the Records found?

  • What not to expect from an Akashic Records Reading.

  • How you can access the Records – My very own unique 5 step process

  • Also included with unlimited access

  • Sacred Prayer to Access the Akashic Records

  • Experience accessing a past life.

  • Receive attunement to the “Psychic Abilities” Sacred Code / Symbol how to use it. (unique)*

  • Learn how to refine your questions for better answers.

  • Setting up an intuitive consultancy.

  • Different types of sessions.

  • Practice accessing your Akashic Records. Clear the blocks to your communication with Spirit using the Holistic Vibrational Technique session. (unique)*

  • Different tools to help you increase your perception.

  • Types of psychic abilities.

  • Clearing, balancing, activating the 6th chakra.

  • “Opening your third eye” meditation. (unique)*

  • How to work as an Akashic Records Practitioner.

  • The ethics behind accessing the Akashic Records.

  • How to run a session.

  • Ways to promote your sessions.

  • "This was an exceptional experience! In those two days I felt like being in other dimension. I’ve learned a lot! Thank you for every moment."

    Lili Tokadjieva,


    "Konstadina is a charismatic person and a powerful narrator. She has the ability to pass information with ease and clarity and in a way that it can be absorbed by the listener."

    Kostas Hadzimanolas


    "Dina is a fantastic person and she is so talented. I did the course Akashic Records, and it was so inspiring and I learn so much. Book yourself a treatment from Dina, you won't regret it."

    Benjamin Holstebroe


    This training is equivalent to a 2 day live workshop!

    Are you ready?

    In this practical and transformational training you will learn all about the Akashic Records and a step-by-step process of how to access them so you can:

    • Re-claim your power

    • Re-discover yourself

    • Re-evaluate your life

    • Re-write your history

    Total Value: £444

    Pay in full:


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  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • The training also includes:

    Demonstrations on running a session with a client

    Participants practice readings & my feedback to them 

    Q & A with the participants

    This course includes videos, audios, manuals and images / prints including downloadable material.


    • “The Psychic Assistant” ebook (£27)

      This ebook will be an additional handly tool to assist you enhance your psychic powers and intuition. It includes a list of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Power Animals, Crystals, Essential Oils and Sacred Codes specialising in these areas.

      The Psychic Abilities Activation Package e-course (£47)

      This program includes Sacred Light Codes, Light Language Activations in audio and video format to assist you enhance and activate your psychic abilities. The program also includes information on how to activate sacred codes as well as meditations & affirmations connected to the topic.

      Release the “Seed” Fear  Audio (£19.95)

      A guided imagery and healing where Konstadina takes you back to release the original block your soul put in place to protect you from harm but at the same time deprive you from your innate talents and skills; in particular with that connected to your ability to communicate with the Divine.

      Third Eye Activation Sacred Light Code Image (£14.95)

      You will receive the image of this Light Code ready to print.




    Access to private Facebook Group of Akashic Records Practitioners (worth £150)

    Monthly Q&A time to answer all your questions. (£150)

    Certification with the completion of 2 case studies (worth £150)


    Message from your trainer 

    “In this training you learn not only how to access the history of your soul’s journey, to receive invaluable insights, answers and guidance but you learn how to access the Akashic Records of others - the right way - so you can help as well; either you wish to do this professionally or not.

    It also assists you to clear all those possible blocks to that which is your birthright as a direct creation of the Supreme Consciousness and that is the ability to access and communicate the Divine and the Cosmic Divine Library.

    I have taken many courses, spiritual training and healing modalities throughout the years and this spiritual tool is hands down the best I know and have experienced.I have been working with the Akashic Records since 2005 and soon after I have mastered the process I have been teaching it to others.”



    Our Guarantee


    100% money-back guarantee. 

    You will have 5 days and access to the first 3 videos, to see if this is for you.  

    If for any reason you do not wish to continue with the course I will be happy to give you a refund.

    Your investment




    • Do I have unlimited access to the course?

    • YES! you will have lifetime access to this course plus to any future updates.

    • What if I purchase this course and then I change my mind?

    • You will have access to the first few lessons of the course for 5 days.  If within that time you decide this is not for you then do let us know and you will be refunded.

    • Will I have one-2-one personal coaching from Konstadina?

    • Personal 1-2-1 coaching is not included in this training but you can book a session with Konstadina separately.

    • What types of payment do you accept?

    • We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.