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Your Personalized Journey through

the Akashic Records

12 month Divine Guidance

from your Higher Self & Guides

An Intuitive Session with channeled information

Uplift Your Soul, Enrich Your Life

Embark on a Transformative Odyssey with

"SoulMap": Your Personalized Akashic Records Adventure!

Dear Seekers of Light and Wisdom,

Welcome to "SoulMap," where the ancient whispers of the Akashic Records converge with modern insight to craft a roadmap uniquely tailored to illuminate your journey throughout the coming year.

If you're a soul yearning for growth, a lightworker eager to deepen your spiritual understanding, or an enthusiast of the mystical Akashic Records, this offering is designed especially for you.

In the cosmic dance of life, we often find ourselves seeking meaning and guidance. "SoulMap" isn't just a service; it's an invitation to explore the depths of your soul, uncover the secrets of the universe, and navigate the tapestry of your destiny with purpose.

My journey with the records

I come from a family of highly intuitive, highly spiritual individuals and I have been able to communicate with Spirit since a child.

I now bring my 30+ years of experience in the fields of personal and spiritual development as well as my business expertise to help others find answers, healing, inspiration & empowerment.


I would be honoured to assist you make your journey a bit easier by providing this service of intuitive, divine guidance, tapping into the information available to you through your Higher Self or Inner Wisdom and the Universal Mind or Source.

    • What are the Akashic Records

    • The Akasha is an etheric library of all events and responses concerning human consciousness in all realities. It is said that it has existed since the beginning of this planet. The akashic records are the individual story book of a soul’s journey. You can compare this with the internet and the World Wide Web with so many individual websites.

      These records change as we keep on adding thoughts, words and actions and the individual reality is changed through free will. The ability to access one’s own akashic records lies within every human being but not all know how to do it consciously as yet or have made the effort to develop it.

      There are various methods one can achieve that but the basis of it is the connection of the consciousness with realities beyond our linear or 3 - dimensional world, in a higher vibrational level.

      The records are revealed to Konstadina with the assistance of Elevated Beings of Light and the Record Keepers through images, sounds, feelings and sensations. She has been channeling consciously and subconsciously since childhood and as she has progressed spiritually this has become more of a prominent ability. In addition Konstadina is an empath and compassionate healer. She is known internationally for her gifts and service.


    Why "SoulMap"?

    ✨ An Ancient Compass for Modern Explorers:

    Imagine a compass forged from the ancient wisdom stored in the Akashic Records. "SoulMap" is your guide, intricately designed for those who seek a modern-day compass to navigate the complexities of existence.

    🌌 A Tapestry Woven with Cosmic Threads:

    Your personalized journey through the Akashic Records is a tapestry woven with cosmic threads, each thread representing a month, a lesson, and an opportunity for growth and transformation.

    🚀 Beyond Horizons of Understanding:

    Venture beyond the horizons of conventional understanding. "SoulMap" isn't just about answers; it's about expanding your awareness and connecting with the vastness of your own soul.

    🌈 Illuminate the Path to Your True Self:

    Unveil the brilliance of your soul as "SoulMap" sheds light on the unique qualities, challenges, and gifts that shape your path. Illuminate the way to your true self.

    ⚡ A Sacred Covenant of Spiritual Growth:

    This isn't merely a service; it's a sacred covenant. "SoulMap" is a commitment to your spiritual growth, a promise that each personalized offering is crafted with the utmost care and intention.

    Join us on this extraordinary odyssey through the Akashic Records. "SoulMap" is more than a map; it's a sacred scroll unfurling the mysteries of your existence. Are you ready to embark on a journey where the echoes of ancient wisdom harmonize with the rhythm of your heartbeat? Secure your place and let "SoulMap" be your guiding light through the cosmic dance of life! 🌟📜💫

    "I have had several Akashic Records Reading Sessions with Dina Sadoriniou and I loved them so much that I enrolled in the Access the Matrix /Akashic Records Practitioner Level Course that Dina offers online. Taking this course was one of the best decisions that I've ever made and I am so grateful that Dina offers this online. I am now a certified practitioner thanks to her! I absolutely love Dina! Her Akashic Records Reading Sessions are completely spot on. She is a clear channel for the information that she brings through from the Akashic Records. I have found that the information that I received during my sessions with her is very helpful and I was able to relate to everything she said. These sessions have helped me transform my life, so that I can be the best possible version of who I am. Revisiting the readings at a later date has brought me even more insight, a higher perspective and has unfolded even more layers of understanding. Absolutely amazing!"

    Marla Kaya, Turkey

    What's Included:

    1. 📜12 Personalized Akashic Records Readings:   -

    Discover the whispers of the cosmos as you receive profound insights into the question, "What does Spirit want you to know for this month?" Navigate life's twists with clarity and purpose.

    2. 🌈 12 Personalized Healing Tips:   -

    Immerse yourself in a year-long journey of wellness with personalized healing tips tailored to each month. Nurture your mind, body, and spirit for lasting well-being.

    3. 💫12 Personalized Manifestation Tips:   -

    Unlock the secrets of manifestation with monthly tips crafted to align your energies and draw abundance into your life. Transform dreams into reality effortlessly.4.

    🌌 12 Personalized Light Language Mantras:   -

    Embrace the power of sacred sounds with personalized mantras, each carrying profound meaning. Let the vibrational energy guide you through the spiritual realms.

    5. 🌞12 Personalized Affirmations:   -

    Infuse positivity into your daily life with carefully crafted affirmations. Elevate your mindset, boost confidence, and attract the abundance you deserve.6.

    🧘 12 Guided Meditations:   -

    Immerse yourself in tranquility with monthly guided meditations, each designed to harmonize your soul with the energies of the season. Rediscover inner peace and balance.

    7. 🌠 12 Manifestation Light Codes:   -

    Unleash the power of cosmic energies with monthly light codes. Illuminate your path and manifest your deepest desires with these transformative symbols.

    8. 🌿 12 Healing Codes:   -

    Experience profound healing with monthly codes designed to address mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the gentle touch of holistic well-being throughout the year.

    Why Choose to have the

    "Personalised Yearly Soul Map given from your Akashic Records

    🔮 Clarity & Insight:   

    - Gain unparalleled clarity into your life's journey and spiritual path with personalized guidance from the Akashic Records.

    💖 Wellness & Healing:   

    - Experience holistic healing as you receive personalized tips and codes for each month, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

    🌌 Manifestation Mastery:   

    - Master the art of manifestation with expertly crafted tips and codes, aligning your energies for success and abundance.

    🌟 Spiritual Empowerment:   

    - Feel empowered on your spiritual journey with personalized mantras and affirmations that resonate with the core of your being.

    🌈 Transformational Meditations:   

    - Immerse yourself in monthly meditations that guide you through transformative experiences, fostering inner peace and growth.

    ⚡Unlock Cosmic Energies:   

    - Access the cosmic energies within the Akashic Records with monthly light codes, unlocking the secrets of the universe.

    🌿Holistic Healing Approach:   


    - Embrace a holistic approach to healing with personalized tips and codes, addressing all aspects of your well-being.

    The 12 Monthly Guided Meditations will be:

    • "New Beginnings: Awakening the Spirit of January"

    • "Harmony in Love: February's Heart-Centered Meditation"

    • "Embracing Blossoms: March, a Time of Renewal"

    • "Divine Alignment: Navigating April's Spiritual Currents"

    • "Manifesting Abundance: May's Blossoming Prosperity"

    • "Summer Serenity: June's Journey into Inner Peace"

    • "Luminous Transformation: July's Path of Spiritual Fire"

    • "Infinite Wisdom: August's Journey into Higher Knowing"

    • "Rooted Resilience: September's Grounding Meditation"

    • "Sacred Harvest: October's Meditation of Gratitude"

    • "Inner Light Illumination: November's Path to Radiance"

    • "Soulful Reflection: December's Journey into Stillness"

    12 Monthly Manifestation Light Codes,

    Expressing The Intent of The Energies:

    • "Genesis Glow: January's Light Code for New Beginnings"

      Intent: Igniting the spark of creation and setting powerful intentions for the year.

    • "Love's Embrace: February's Light Code for Heart-Centered Manifestation"

      Intent: Cultivating love and attracting harmonious relationships and connections.

    • "Flourishing Fields: March's Light Code for Growth and Renewal"

      Intent: Fostering abundance and growth in all aspects of life.

    • "Cosmic Harmony: April's Light Code for Divine Alignment"

      Intent: Aligning with the cosmic flow and manifesting in accordance with divine guidance.

    • "Prosperity Portal: May's Light Code for Abundant Manifestation"

      Intent: Opening the portal to prosperity and material abundance.

    • "Radiant Serenity: June's Light Code for Inner Peace Manifestation"

      Intent: Manifesting inner peace, tranquility, and emotional harmony.

    • "Ignite Your Light: July's Light Code for Luminous Transformation"

      Intent: Activating personal power and embracing transformative energies.

    • "Wisdom Waves: August's Light Code for Infinite Knowing"

      Intent: Amplifying intuition and attracting wisdom from higher realms.

    • "Earthen Resonance: September's Light Code for Grounded Manifestation"

      Intent: Manifesting stability, grounding, and resilience in earthly pursuits.

    • "Gratitude Gateway: October's Light Code for Manifesting Thankfulness"

      Intent: Enhancing the manifestation of gratitude and appreciation.

    • "Luminary Radiance: November's Light Code for Inner Light Illumination"

      Intent: Manifesting and embodying one's inner light and radiance.

    • "Silent Serenity: December's Light Code for Soulful Reflection"

      Intent: Facilitating quiet introspection, reflection, and connection with the soul.

     12 Healing Light codes,

    Each Carrying a Unique Intent

    • Renewal Radiance: January's Light Code for Inner Rejuvenation"

      Intent: Initiating a powerful healing process to renew and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

    • Heart Harmony: February's Light Code for Emotional Healing"

      Intent: Fostering emotional balance and healing, promoting harmony within the heart.

    • "Embracing Blossoms: March, a Time of Renewal"Spring Renewal: March's Light Code for Vitality and Restoration"

      Intent: Bringing forth the energies of renewal and vitality, restoring overall well-being.

    • Healing Waters: April's Light Code for Purification and Release"

      Intent: Utilizing the cleansing energies of water for emotional and energetic purification.

    • Floral Essence: May's Light Code for Growth and Blossoming Healing"

      Intent: Facilitating growth and blossoming on all levels, promoting holistic healing.

    • Tranquil Waves: June's Light Code for Calm and Serene Healing"

      Intent: Infusing calming and tranquil energies for a serene healing experience.

    • Celestial Harmony: July's Light Code for Universal Healing Energies"

      Intent: Connecting with the universal energies for a harmonious and expansive healing experience.

    • Soulful Integration: August's Light Code for Spiritual and Physical Unity"

      Intent: Promoting the integration of spiritual and physical aspects for holistic healing.

    • Grounded Grace: September's Light Code for Earth-Centered Healing"

      Intent: Connecting with the grounding energies of the Earth for stability and grace.

    • Autumnal Alchemy: October's Light Code for Transformational Healing"

      Intent: Embracing the transformative energies of autumn for deep healing and change.

    • "Lunar Luminescence: November's Light Code for Intuitive Healing"

      Intent: Harnessing the healing energies of the moon for intuitive and psychic healing.

    • Winter Wellness: December's Light Code for Nurturing Self-Care"

      Intent: Focusing on self-care and nurturing energies for overall winter wellness.

    “I had a akashic records reading session with Konstadina and I am just in awe of the accuracy and attention to detail that she was able to provide... she was able to tap into things that I have been contemplating my entire life, but was too afraid to move forward into actually doing .. and now with the validation I am inspired to move forward in fulfilling my dreams into reality ... she is so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in sharing your vulnerability ... she makes sure that you are understanding your session every step of the way and you can feel her kindness through her words ... she genuinely cares about assisting you to become your best highest self... to reach your utmost highest potential... I am so grateful for your time .. your energy and your love .... I honestly can't thank you enough for helping me to come to so much clarity in such a short time... I will be coming back for another session .... bless you for your beautiful heart and your amazing gift .... MUCH LOVE ....”

    Violetta Pikul, Canada

    “I had an Akashic Records reading with Dina and I LOVED IT! If you are on the path of self discovery and want insights into where you've been and how it crosses your timeline today, You must get this Reading! LOVE, LOVE LOVE DINA! and will definitely be back for more! Thanks for sharing Your beautiful Self and GIft!”

    Victoria Gibson, USA

    "Thank you Dina for your amazing work! My session with you gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for as well as confirmation of some things that have helped lift a huge weight off my chest. You’re a genuine, kind and caring soul and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family! Thank you again! Lots of love!

    Erica Couto, UK

    "Thank you so much, Dina, it was amazing! When I awakened last year, I started channeling all this “tribal” kind of dance, and I had no idea what it was. I’ve been guided lately to start practicing it again, so your reading was a 100% perfect perfect confirmation for me! My whole life, I always felt like it was my “job” to uplift others, but I had no idea I could do it in this way! What an awesome blessing. And really a very fun revelation for me! Thank you so much for your insight and gift. Much love!!" 

    Maggie Estes, USA

    "Where to start Dina! I had so many "WOW" moments with clarity beyond anything I could have imagined.  The resonance in your reading confirmed so much and opened up a whole new way of being; a reawakening to my divine service to the world! " 

    Kellie Morris - Mackay, Australia

    "I have just received my "what kind of code keeper am I" reading from the amazing Dina. This has given me such an incredible insight to my work and how I can move forward. I highly recommended this service, with so much gratitude. " 

    Rosa-Maria Marquez, UK

    "Dina’s Reading for what type of Code keeper I am was incredible, it seemed to click something within me where I was able to embrace and embody who I was and the part I play with bringing in Codes. It shifted something within me that I am grateful for, she found the words I had been struggling with to describe what I do. Thank you so much Dina " 

    Lee Didco, USA

    About Konstadina Sadoriniou

    Konstadina is a renown Intuitive Positive Change Coach, Personal & Spiritual Growth Trainer, Matrix & Akashic Records Consultant, Intuitive Healer, Complementary Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author and Ordained Minister (non-denominational).

    Konstadina as the founder of the Cosmic Soul Academy, based in London, United Kingdom, was born in Rhodes, Greece, studied Business Administration with a Marketing and Management Specialization at Piraeus University, and now lives in England, but has been working internationally for over 30 years as a Trainer and Intuitive coach & therapist.

    After a career in the corporate world she studied a great number of self development & spiritual growth course and various alternative therapies in Energy Healing, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

    She has published books, articles, videos and CDs in English and Greek.

    Konstadina works with the intention and mission to use her knowledge and her long experience so that others experience improvement in their circumstances, personal empowerment, inner balance and happiness, improving their physical and mental health and greater well-being.

    It does this by teaching practical and easy-to-use techniques with humor and originality.

    She has been working with the Akashic Records as a Practitioner & Teacher since 2005.

    Thank you for helping me understand. Your reading put all the pieces together. Feel so blessed to have found you at the exact time I needed the confirmations! Parts of my reading that I didn't at the time think were relevant are turning out to be spot on. I have listened again to the reading and am surprised at how accurate it is. It was wonderful to be able to stop and listen to parts and have time to think over parts, it's the perfect way to be able to really understand all the information as it's hard to take on everything at once.  How you can possibly know things in such detail, astounds me. I am grateful for the time and effort to get the recording, it definitely enables better understanding of a reading. Love and blessings and a huge thank you for my reading and healing, both were amazing and wonderful. 

    Debra Webb, Australia

    Dina, I very much appreciated the session today. The clarity and validation that you brought when I asked specific questions, was wonderful and so helpful! Regarding the question about which past lives are ready to be healed and which are affecting me now. What you brought up was exactly a pattern that I have. Knowing where it comes from and recognizing that, will help me continue the healing process there. It wasn't even something that was "on my radar" as a pattern to look at. I look forward to watching the session again to pick up on things that I may not have been ready to realize in those moments. Many blessings and love to you as well as gratitude for the talents that you are sharing with all of us!   

    Daneris Cruz, UK 

    I was excited to find out that Konstadina can determine from the Records what type of Code Keeper I am. After reviewing her reading and viewing the code she provided, I was flooded with emotion. What she told me completely validated what I had known but was hesitant to trust. Now, I can move forward with confidence in my purpose with powerful skills used in service to the world. I'm looking forward to using the code she provided to enhance and activate me more. If you are curious about what kind of a code-keeper you are, I highly recommend getting a reading from Konstadina. 

    Lisa Meisels, USA

    The information you provided confirmed so much of what I was feeling since I was a young child and I'm very grateful I was guided to do the reading with you.I'm blown away by the accuracy and how reading ignited even deeper remembrance.My connection and work with pyramids are indeed very profound. A couple of years ago when I felt the time is coming I will start offering the codes for the ones they resonate with, I was asking my guides to give me more information on the codes I'm bringing through because I knew people will want to have some kind of interpretation.The answer was that they are not to be explained and also that I will receive more information when the time is right. They were also saying many times that not exactly knowing what I'm doing is for my protection.I've been struggling my whole life with the feeling I have to hide and can't trust the ones who have the ability to see to some degree who I am and what I carry within.At the beginning of this year, I started receiving new insights into who I am and what I do, and with that also the messages that it's time to "come out" more. I would love to get into more depth of what "the floating" codes are in live Akashic Records Session with you if you feel this is something we could dive into. And I'm also feeling I was lead to you because it might be time to receive some other information on my service.

    Kaja Graj, USA

    You did an Akashic reading for me in 2019. I have just been listening to it again and I now realise that it was so amazing - I was not able to absorb all the information at the time, which you brought through and can now appreciate how much that you could see and what you were delivering to me.You have a wonderful gift and a caring nature that also comes through in the reading. I am now ready to understand and trust enough to move forward with who I am. You saw right into me, very deeply and more than I could appreciate at the time, even though I was saying “ yes” and “ I understand” - my beliefs did not allow it in. I was too busy taking notes and not busy enough listening!!! I want to thank you so very much, once again. 

    Jules Livingstone, Australia

    I had an Akashic reading yesterday and it was a truly astonishing experience for which I’m so very, very grateful. Dina is a warm and lovely person whose work is not only impressive but also heart-based and truly moving. She has a powerful psychic gift — demonstrated by her intuition, her interpretation of what she was shown and by her ability to answer most of the list of questions I’d prepared before I had a chance to ask them! She revealed my soul purpose and mission, both of which resonated greatly. I was given confirmation after confirmation about my path, and about past life experiences I need to heal. This was a most beautiful experience and I know I will keep on learning from it. Thank you, Dina, you’re a wonder!Beautiful Dina performed a cosmic name reading for me and I was thrilled with the results. As soon as I heard the light language she used to introduce me to the name, I became very present and the energy began to flow and the name itself really resonated and I became very emotional! It is quite long but I remembered it perfectly after just one hearing! I also received a beautiful précis of my soul purpose and a lovely, activating code. I highly recommend Dina’s work!

    Jo Hemmant, UK 

    Thank you Dina Sadoriniou . It was truly an incredible session and I am so grateful to you for the explanation and shift in understanding that you provided. I feel the difference in my daily life - it’s quite amazing and I now have to relearn some of my behaviour and reactions which have become normal and difficult over such a long time - I can feel JOY starting to spring & grow inside me now bit by bit.

    Gabriella Marenco, Australia 

    I loved receiving a channeled message from Dina! The code drawing she did is BEAUTIFUL! It is a confirmation of my deep connection with the earth and of my personality. It is a beautiful confirmation and is inline with my divine path. It is helping me put many many pieces of the puzzle together. I am very grateful for all she does! She has a divine gift! I highly recommend.

    Kaylee Prebeck-Cyr, USA 

    Dina is an extraordinary person, enlightened and truly experienced.The Akashic Records reading session was for me something I have never done before, and the information Dina shared during the reading session so much resonated with my current situation.Dina is a clear channel, so gentle and careful, she explained me some things I had real doubts about, and also some simple changes I could do to follow my true path.. amazing !Thanks once again Dina, this review cannot reflect how meaningful was the session for me. With love and blessings Kate

    Kate Salajeva, UK

    Thank you for your reading. It felt very accurate. I teach Chi Kung and can feel the energy coming out of my hands and ‘see’ the energy creating light around me. So lovely to have that confirmed.I love the idea of sending any excess energy into land which I will now do much more consciously.I can also relate to bringing balance to the physical body and especially the skeletal system ( which is where I can often feel a lot of pain) This is so helpful to know. It answers a lot of my questions and so helpful to bring Universal energy through and to discharge excess energy to the earth.Thank you for verifying in such an accurate and amazing way how I work with codes. Such a wonderful service you provide.

    Karen Sophia Peck, UK

    It is with pure joy that I am writing about my experiences with Dina. First, I experienced her gifts by discovering what type of code-keeper I am, that was awesome! And, then I chose to experience her gifts with an Akashic Records Reading Session.Dina is amazing. She connected and tuned in and then shared information with me, that I was fascinated by. Then she shared things that confirmed my inner-knowing, which left me feeling reassured. And, then she told me things that there is no way she could have known about me…and yet, there she was, spot on! I got aha’s, new awarenesses, confirmations, validations, and this amazing experience left me feeling empowered!I am so grateful that I followed my guidance to have a reading with Dina. In fact, it has been 2-weeks since my reading and I am still feeling the positive, empowering impact of my akashic record reading.I highly recommend you book a session with Dina, she is truly gifted and connected. I am looking forward to working with her again.

    Donna Burgher, USA

    Thank you so much Dear Dina for the incredible reading you did for me. I felt supported and held safely in your kindness.The insights revealed went straight to the heart of what is happening for me right now. Quite amazing!I felt a confirmation of several of my own thoughts and also learnt about new and interesting aspects of myself such as the potential to express light language in various forms.An unreasonable fear of very deep water now makes sense to me and I also have a better understanding of certain blocks in my life now.I would very much recommend an Akashic Reading with Dina. Much love and thanks 

    Amber Birkin, Australia

    Click on the option below that suits you best and let's set you on your way for greater clarity, greater confidence, greater empowerment and so greater success and joy.


    The digital manifestation journal

      OPTION 1

      ☑️ 12 channeled Personalised Messages from the Akashic Records, answering the question: "What does Spirit want you to know for that particular month (one message for every month of the year)




      OPTION 2

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED Akashic Records Readings on the question “What does Spirit want you to know for this month”.

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED healing tips (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️  12 PERSONALISED manifestation tips (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED light language mantras with meaning (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED affirmations (one for every month of the year)




      OPTION 3

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED Akashic Records Readings on the question “What does Spirit want you to know for this month”.

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED healing tips (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED manifestation tips (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED light language mantras with meaning (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 PERSONALISED affirmations (one for every month of the year) 

      ☑️ 12 Guided Meditations (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 Manifestation Light Codes (one for every month of the year)

      ☑️ 12 Healing Codes (one for every month of the year)




    Questions You might Have

  • How do you retrieve the information to create the artwork and related material?

  • With your permission I connect with your Akashic Records and Higher Self as well as my team of Beings of Lights, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Ascended Galactic Beings and I channeled through what they guide me to through imagery, sound or feeling.

  • How can I use this material for my spiritual and personal growth.

  • You can meditate with the use of them, regularly focus upon them with intent to activate their properties. I will provide further information on how to activate Sacred Light Codes.

  • Am I free to use this artwork as I like?  

  • You can use the artwork and related material for your personal and spiritual growth. Some of the material like the Universal Codes and other artwork provided may NOT be shared publicly through any means. You can not resell any of my work that has been provided to you even the personalised items (except if it has been prior agreed with me.

  • Will you be sharing my personalised material with others, publically through your website or social media.

  • I hold the copyrights of ALL of the work created by me. As such I can share this work with my watermark at my website, social media and other channels. This will mainly be done for promotional purposes and for the benefit of others through the energies of the work created. I WILL NEVER reveal any of your personal details and I will not be reselling the individual artwork to others.  

  • Is this going to work for me for what is intending to be achieved?

  • I offer this work as I am guided by Spirit, for your highest and greatest good. I can not guarantee any results. Like most things is how much time and energy you apply to the work is what is going to bring you results. Every empowering "tool" I offer for your personal and spiritual growth is to assist you progress. There are times that just a single "tool" might not be enough as the energies we create and how these manifest are complicated aspects of multifacets. But usually the more you work with Light Codes and the information Spirit provides the more you will achieve your intents and goals.