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 an audio Guided Imagery to experience a past birth



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Light Language Art - Channeled messages

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As the founder of Positive Change Academy my mission is to assist individuals discover and unleash their  magnificence,  find and align with their life purpose and life mission, and create / manifest a life of well-being, happiness and abundance.

Especially for the transformational, heart-driven entrepreneur and entrepreneurs we also focus on discovering your uniqueness, the uniqueness of your business, eliminate any obstacles or limiting beliefs that block your way to success, so you can sustain a profitable business doing what your love, whilst you make a difference in the world and helping thousands of others.

I bring you 30 years of experience, gained knowledge and expertise working with thousand of people to bring out the best in you, your life, your work.

What differentiates me from other coaches, is that I combine coaching, mentoring, therapeutic techniques and intuitive guidance providing effective strategies and success mindset techniques.

My clients receive a clear & easy to follow step by step guidance on exactly what they need to do to find the clarity & confidence they need to achieve what they desire.

Dina Sadoriniou

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The one thins stopping you move forward

10. 12. 2020.
| konstadina | 0 comments
Have you ever wondered what's stopping you move forward in your life? There could be many things or a combination of things but there is one ma...
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