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Journeys to Your

Akashic Records

Guided Journeys to experience past, future & galactic lifetimes,

heal aspects of your soul & activate your soul's wisdom, skills & talents

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  • Monthly Guided Journeys to the Akashic Records on different topic each month.

  • Access to the whole library of recordings

  • Monthly Channeled Message Special to the Group

  • A healing or activation Light code Image

  • An audio Light Language Activation

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    What is it?

    An exclusive membership program where you get to gain deep and meaningful experiences of the wisdom of your akashic records, personalised to the group channeled messages, Facebook group, special discounts and other perks.

    Who is it for?

    Anyone who has interest in the akashic records, in understanding themselves and their life better, improve the self and their life, create and manifest their life of their dreams.

    Where does it happen?

    This is an online program.  You will have access to an exclusive membership site where material will be uploaded monthly.

    How does it work?

    You will be give your very own login details to access all of the recordings and material to a dedicated membership site.

    When does it start?

    You will have immediate access to the first month's recordings. 

    Why should you join?

    These guided journeys have the intent to assist you gain a deep, meaningful, healing & empowering experience of your akashic records, to assist you move forward, expand, evolve & co-create your best life.

    Here’s how it works

    This program was created to assist you towards gaining deeper insights, understanding and healing experiences through accessing the information and wisdom that is held in your Akashic Records so you can find empowerment, resolution & manifestation of that which is of your highest and greatest good.

    What Are the Akashic Records?

    The Akasha is an etheric library of all events and responses concerning human consciousness in all realities. It is said that it has existed since the beginning of this planet. The akashic records are the individual story book of a soul’s journey. You can compare this with the internet and the World Wide Web with so many individual websites.

    These records change as we keep on adding thoughts, words and actions and the individual reality is changed through free will. The ability to access one’s own akashic records lies within every human being but not all know how to do it consciously as yet or have made the effort to develop it.

    There are various methods one can achieve that but the basis of it is the connection of the consciousness with realities beyond our linear or 3 - dimensional world, in a higher vibrational level.

    The records are revealed to Konstadina with the assistance of Elevated Beings of Light and the Record Keepers through images, sounds, feelings and sensations. She has been channeling consciously and subconsciously since childhood and as she has progressed spiritually this has become more of a prominent ability. In addition Konstadina is an empath and compassionate healer. She is known internationally for her gifts and service.

    If you are having difficulty in accessing your own records, these guided meditative visualisation journeys can assist you in accessing information and gain experiences coming from your soul's journey through the eons, more easily.

    If you are having difficulty in accessing your own records, these guided meditative visualisation journeys can assist you in accessing information and gain experiences coming from your soul's journey through the eons, more easily.

    The Guided Journeys

    These guided meditations / visualizations will be presented to you in audio and video format which you can access through the member's area any time you wish and for as long as you are a member of this program.

    Every month we will have a different topic and experience a different lifetime: past, future or galactic.

    Each meditation last 60 to 90 minutes and includes guidance to a deep relaxation and clearing of the mind, followed by a guided imagery towards experiencing a life that you still need to learn from, heal or activate the wisdom, skills and talents that you have already acquired and have been dormant in your present lifetime.

    You will have access to ALL past and future recordings for as long as you remain a member.

    Special Channeled message for the group

    Every month Konstadina will channel a special to the group message that will be for guidance, inspiration & empowerment.

    A healing or activation Light code Image

    Every month Konstadina will channel a special to the group light code which will be for healing or activation based on the month's topic.

    An audio Light Language Activation

    Every month Konstadina will channel a special Light Language activation to accompany the Light Code.

    Special Discounts to other services & products

    Every month we will issue 20% discount coupons to use with purchases of any of our other services and products.

    Access to a Private Support Group

    In addition to your access to the members' area, you will also join our private Facebook Group where you can find support, ask questions and share experiences.

    Online membership platform

    Receive new content

    every month.

    Access it any time convenient to you.

    Meet your facilitator

    Konstadina (Dina) is a internationally renown Intuitive Coach / Mentor, Personal & Spiritual Growth Trainer, Matrix & Akashic Records Consultant & Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Complementary Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author and Ordained Minister (non-denominational).

    Konstadina is the founder of the Cosmic Soul Academy, based in London, United Kingdom, was born in Rhodes, Greece, studied Business Administration with a Marketing and Management Specialisation at Piraeus University, and now lives in England, but has been working internationally for over 35 years.

    After a career in the corporate world she studied a great number of self development & spiritual growth courses and various alternative therapies including Intuitive Counselling, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. 

    She has published books, articles, videos and CDs in English and Greek. Konstadina works with the intention and mission to use her knowledge and her long experience so that others experience improvement in their circumstances, personal empowerment, inner balance and happiness, improving their physical and mental health and greater well-being. It does this by teaching practical and easy-to-use techniques with humour and originality. 

    She has been a meditation teacher for 35 years and has been working with the Akashic Records as a Practitioner & Teacher since 2005.

    What our clients have to say

    "For months I had been as if in a lift that would not take off. In Dina's [Konstadina's] visit to Sofia, I saw an outstretched hand, a life jacket that was handed to me. This was a chance to heal that part of myself which was running in circles and was repeating old patterns. Dina helped me to get an insight into the spiritual aspects of my choices in this field. I felt as a seven string instrument, perfectly attuned. A great wave of love and compassion filled me, raised me, expanded me.Thank you Dina! I love you!"


    Petya Dimitrova, Germany

    "Dina, I very much appreciated the session today. The clarity and validation that you brought when I asked specific questions, was wonderful and so helpful! Regarding the question about which past lives are ready to be healed and which are affecting me now. What you brought up was exactly a pattern that I have. Knowing where it comes from and recognizing that, will help me continue the healing process there. It wasn't even something that was "on my radar" as a pattern to look at. I look forward to watching the session again to pick up on things that I may not have been ready to realize in those moments. Many blessings and love to you as well as gratitude for the talents that you are sharing with all of us!"  


    Daneris Cruz, UK

    "You did an Akashic reading for me in 2019. I have just been listening to it again and I now realise that it was so amazing - I was not able to absorb all the information at the time, which you brought through and can now appreciate how much that you could see and what you were delivering to me. You have a wonderful gift and a caring nature that also comes through in the reading. I am now ready to understand and trust enough to move forward with who I am. You saw right into me, very deeply and more than I could appreciate at the time, even though I was saying “ yes” and “ I understand” - my beliefs did not allow it in. I was too busy taking notes and not busy enough listening!!! I want to thank you so very much, once again."


    Jules Livingstone, Australia

    "Where to start Dina! I had so many wow moments with clarity beyond anything l could have imagined. The resonance in your reading confirmed so much and opened up a whole new way of being, a reawakening to my divine service to the world x"


    Kellie Morris - Australia

    "I attended Dina’s Akashic records workshop and I loved every minute of it. Dinas knowledge of the akashic records and everything related to it is more than enough to teach you everything you need to know and more. She has the knowledge and wisdom to teach a workshop on a big topic like this and I felt that I was in very safe and capable hands. I definitely recommend this workshop for anyone interested in this topic." 


    Anders Anoan Ehlers Birk-Trojahn, Denmark

    "It is a journey of great interest to the world of Love, Wisdom and Gratitude, with Dina as our guide, who with great clarity, "simplicity" and analysis, made us feel that we can, that we have the capacity to evolve spiritually. She made us remember that we had already knew but had firmly shut down .... even hermetically I would say. Unknown words and meanings but still known experiences that were given to us in an appropriate manner, were the result of education, remembrance, recovering primal impressions, erasing fears, and re-writing without the fear of what was previously thought to be an “elusive fantasy”. Dearest Dina, thank you very much for initiating the opening towards my personal change, for the encouragement in making me believe that "I CAN". Thank you for the the soul touching moments we experienced and we shared. I am grateful to you and the teachers. Thank you very much"


    Rena Koukoulaki, Greece

    "This was an exceptional experience! In those two days I felt like being in other dimension. I’ve learned a lot! Thank you for every moment."


    Lili Tokadjieva, Sofia, Bulgaria

    “I had an Akashic Records reading with Dina and I LOVED IT! If you are on the path of self discovery and want insights into where you've been and how it crosses your timeline today, You must get this Reading! LOVE, LOVE LOVE DINA! and will definitely be back for more! Thanks for sharing Your beautiful Self and GIft!”


    Victoria Gibson, USA

    "Thank you Dina for your amazing work! My session with you gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for as well as confirmation of some things that have helped lift a huge weight off my chest. You’re a genuine, kind and caring soul and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family!

    Thank you again! Lots of love 


    Erica Couto, UK

    " I met Dina in the group Keepers of the code, and I instantly felt a connection to her beautiful energy, I love everything about Dina Sadoriniou. She has the soul of an angel. She is such an amazing reader, amazingly intuitive and a heart of gold.. I have had the pleasure of getting many beautiful messages from her. Type of code keeper, what is your cosmic name, and received beautiful codes from her lives. She is one of the souls that has helped me with embracing my code keeper abilities.. I would 1000 percent recommend you check her out. Not only will you learn more about yourself (and receive messages and codes to help you remember your divine soul) you will have the pleasure of connecting with such a divine soul. "


    Linda Barnes, Canada

    "I had an Akashic reading yesterday and it was a truly astonishing experience for which I’m so very, very grateful. Dina is a warm and lovely person whose work is not only impressive but also heart-based and truly moving. She has a powerful psychic gift — demonstrated by her intuition, her interpretation of what she was shown and by her ability to answer most of the list of questions I’d prepared before I had a chance to ask them! She revealed my soul purpose and mission, both of which resonated greatly. I was given confirmation after confirmation about my path, and about past life experiences I need to heal. This was a most beautiful experience and I know I will keep on learning from it. Thank you, Dina, you’re a wonder! Beautiful Dina performed a cosmic name reading for me and I was thrilled with the results. As soon as I heard the light language she used to introduce me to the name, I became very present and the energy began to flow and the name itself really resonated and I became very emotional! It is quite long but I remembered it perfectly after just one hearing! I also received a beautiful précis of my soul purpose and a lovely, activating code. I highly recommend Dina’s work!"


    Jo Hemmant , UK


    This Is A Limited Time OFFER

    • A monthly guided journey to your Akashic Records on different topic each month.

    • A monthly channeled message unique for the members of this program.

    • Presentations will be on video & audio.

    • A healing or activation Light code Image.

    • An audio Light Language Activation.

    • Monthly Exclusive discounts for the rest of services and products.

    • Private support group for members to share experiences and ask questions.

    • Access to all past recordings for as long as you are a member.

    • Cancel any time.


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